Our Trip to Waco

I feel like it’s been so long since I’ve posted on here! I also feel like I’ve said that the last few times I’ve posted…. hmmm. Is there a theme here that I should be paying attention to? Honestly summer break is just kicking my butt! Just a few days after the little miss got out of school for the summer we went on an adults only trip with some friends to Texas for Bethel’s Heaven Come conference and to see the Magnolia Silos. We’ve been back from our Texas trip for almost a week now and I still am struggling to adjust to our summer schedule and trying to entertain both kids and keep my sanity at the same time! Mom-life am I right?!

Anyways, I’m pushing the laundry aside and avoiding the suitcase that’s still on the floor to tell you all about the fun we had in Waco! It’s like Disneyland for home decor and I was swooning everywhere we went!

Magnolia Silos & Marketplace

Magnolia was amazing! If you love Chip and Jo as much as most of us home decor geeks do then being at Magnolia is really a dream come true. Everything there is literally picture worthy and I think I spent more time walking around taking photos than I did actually shopping. The grounds are so fun and really just plain pretty. There are big swings, picnic tables, and a handful of food trucks out by the lawn. The garden is gorgeous as well. Seriously, everywhere you turn is just stinkin’ amazing!

Inside the marketplace all of the summer displays are just gorgeous. They make you really wish that you had a never ending budget! Just give me all the gorgeous farmy things!! I did manage to walk away with a few treasures, but could have walked away with a whole lot more!

We visited the Silos on a Monday and it was pretty crowded. At one point the check out line was wrapping around half of the marketplace but it seemed that in just a few minutes it was completely gone! The staff were quick, efficient and super kind. Unfortunately we did not have the courage to stand in line in the Texas heat to grab ourselves some goodies from the bakery… next time!!

Other Favorite Shops

The Findery

My absolute favorite place that we visited was The Findery!! They have two locations just one street away from each other and just down the street from the Silos. Their main store is mostly home decor and their second store is considered more of their warehouse store for furniture pieces. I could have stayed in their stores for hours! Everything was amazing and I wanted to take it all home with me! What I loved the most was that they sell antique pieces that they pick up from Round Top as well as new. We picked up some very special pieces here that I’ll be sharing on a post very soon!!

Also be sure to check out….

  • Harp Design Co.
  • Junky Monkey
  • La Salle Shops
  • Spice Village
  • Cedar Chest

A lot of these shops are antique malls. We really wanted the Chip and Jo experience and found the places where they used to film a lot of their antique buying trips at. No, that does not make us weird or stalker-ish, is that a word? Honestly we had so much fun just shopping around and finding new treasures! It was all a part of the Waco/Fixer Upper experience!

Magnolia Table

We had to eat at the Magnolia Table while we were there! The first day we tried to get in the wait was two hours and they had closed off large parties at the time so we decided not to stay. The next day we got up a little early to go for breakfast instead of waiting until later in the day like we did the day before. We waited about 45 minutes for our party of six, which wasn’t that bad considering they told us it would be an hour and a half. We wandered the Take Out area for a little bit and eventually made our way to the outdoor waiting area near the coffee shop.

Once again everything was just gorgeous. I mean it’s a restaurant and you really do want to just move right in! Not only is it pretty to look at but it tastes delicious too! The lemon lavender donut holes were soo tasty! And the biscuit and strawberry butter were so good too. I’m glad the recipes are in her cookbook!

Ok so that’s enough of me gushing! You’re either a real trooper or a fellow Chip & Jo fan if you’ve made it this far! I really believe that the Gaines’ are amazing and everything they do is done with such attention to detail. You can really see their passion in all that they produce.

Waco was so much fun and I have even more to share about our trip! Stay tuned for a couple more posts! I’ll let you in on what’s coming next…. while we were in Waco we stayed at the German Schmear house!  I have a full tour coming later this week!