Fall Home Tour

Hi friends! It’s been too long! To say that summer and the beginning of the school year got away from me would be an under statement! Insert a nice face-palm emoji here and I guess we’ll just move on and pretend I’ve been here this whole time. Sound good? Great!


Fall is upon us! Well you, maybe… if you live somewhere other than Arizona because let’s be honest it’s still in the 90’s here and just doesn’t quite “feel” like Fall if you know what I mean. So I have decided that if it’s not going to be Fall on the outside it’s at least going to be Fall on the inside! And I don’t just mean inside my heart, I mean inside my house!! So here’s a little Fall decor home tour for ya!

The open shelves in my kitchen are one of my favorite places in our home to decorate. And to re-decorate and re-decorate! I think because they are where I spend most of my time (the kitchen) I feel the need to switch up the decor often. This is probably my favorite look for them though! I love the pumpkins sitting all over and the pops of mustard yellow and, of course, green!

I also love all of the antique treasures incorporated throughout. I’ve been having a ton of fun going antiquing. It’s honestly something that I really didn’t get into until just recently. I used to think thrift shops and antique malls were just filled with old smelly junk. Oh man how things have changed! I’m not sure how the hubs feels about my new found obsession but I have loved hunting for treasures and have even had my mom and in-laws joining the treasure search!

The entryway has some new friends that have been added and “fall-ified” as well! I have been on the hunt for an entry table or bench or “something” for a long time! Recently my grandparents moved down to Tucson to be closer to my mom and they downsized quite a bit. Lucky for me a lot of their antique items were handed down to me, including this sweet table with an antique sewing table base. My grandpa actually made the table top from a church pew from their old church in Coon Rapids! I love that I get to incorporate treasures that are personal and have a story to them! As usual I raided my father in-law’s flower shop for these stems and was able to create a wreath to go with my mossy basket and new gather sign that my sis in-law made me for my birthday.

Seriously, are you catching my theme here? I love using items that have been gifted to me or using what I already have around the house to update for the seasons! The only items I had to purchase were my pumpkins. I had a Hobby Lobby gift card from my birthday, so really I spent $0. You bet I made sure to let the hubs know that too!!

The last space that I changed up for Fall was my garland on top of the piano. I love using the piano as a mantle since we don’t have a fireplace in our home. I used my DIY garland (you can find the blog post on it here) and just added Fall florals to create a new look. All of the stems I added had a Fall tone to them with dark greens, mustards, oranges, and rust colors. I added in some berries and stems that could drape over the edges. Everything created a really warm and inviting look that draws your eye to follow the garland all the way down and over the side. It’s seriously my favorite and I find any excuse to go into the office and stare at all the pretty.

I hope you enjoyed this little Fall home tour! I promise I will not go missing for months on end now and you will see more regular posts from me!