DIY Huge Wall Chalk Board

After we finished our kitchen we had this awkward wall space between where our kitchen ended and the dining area began. For a while I had some art here and a small chalk board but decided that what I really wanted was a giant chalk board to use as a sort of command center for our home.

We measured out the size I wanted and painted the wall with chalk paint. In hind sight I wish I had sanded the wall a bit so I had a smoother surface to write on, our walls were pretty textured. I stained some 1×4’s that were cut to the size of my rectangle I had painted. Then we screwed the 1×4’s to the wall with some drywall anchors. Make sure to pre-drill the holes in your wood. We used screws with black heads so they wouldn’t be as visible.

I then took some chalk and rubbed it all over my “chalkboard” and wiped it off with a paper towel to prime the chalk paint. Then it was ready to be written on! It was a very simple project with a big impact, not only because of the look but for the functionality as well!