Fox Themed Nursery Reveal

Before our son was even placed with us I started dreaming about how I wanted to decorate the nursery. We were very specific with our foster care agency that we preferred to foster an infant boy so I knew I didn’t need to create a gender neutral theme. I loved all of the woodland themed nurseries that I saw on Pinterest but also wanted to be more focused and a little more modern than typical. So I went to Hobby Lobby on the hunt for some inspiration and found it right away with this wooden fox figure and amazing organization shelf! A Fox themed nursery it would be!!

At the time finding fox nursery items was not easy. I searched everywhere I could think of before finally giving in and deciding to make my own bedding. Crazy much? It seemed simple enough, sew some elastic in and you’ve got yourself a fitted sheet or a diaper changing pad cover, viola! In reality it was pretty simple, I definitely do not have amazing sewing skills and I managed to pull it off. Maybe someday I’ll give you an easy tutorial on just how I did it but I’d have to make new sheets seeing as I did not take any photos of what I was doing. Maybe for baby #3 someday?? Anyways… I found these amazing fabric prints at and somehow managed to make them look presentable.

I knew that I wanted to have an accent wall behind the crib, something dramatic yet sweet. So I decided to paint the whole wall a dark grey. Then after some more Pinterest inspiration, or should I say Pintspiration??? I decided to take a Sharpie paint marker and draw some birch trees.

Then I decided on a quote from Winnie the Pooh for the focal point of the wall. “As soon as I saw you I knew an adventure was going to happen.” Something that felt very near to the way my heart was feeling when it came to meeting this precious boy who was about to enter our lives.

For a mobile I decided, again, to just make it myself. I love when natural elements are brought into nurseries and decided that some branches with paper foxes and arrows hanging from it would be the perfect touch. I hand drew each shape and cut each one out before attaching it to the branches with thread.

I realize now that I didn’t do a very good job at taking pictures of this room once it was completely finished. We’ll blame it on being the mother of a three month old and a four year old. Also, I was clearly not thinking about how much I would need these photos when I finally created a blog someday! So for the artwork that I put above his organizing shelf and around the room this is what I chose and the links for them.


My in-laws found this Fox print and had it framed for the nursery.


I also got a Milkbarn stroller blanket and swaddle with the Fox print.

For some toy storage I found a laundry basket at HomeGoods that is similar to this one.

And finally I had some large prints framed and hung from his infant photo shoot that I did. Isn’t he the cutest little thing? I still can’t believe that he’s ours and when we moved to our current home I had a really hard time saying good-bye to this room. It felt like I was saying good-bye to him being a baby. Which it kind of was. I hope you enjoyed my fox themed nursery, even with all of the terrible photos!! Leave a comment below!