New Home Colors

When we purchased our home everything, and I mean EVERYTHING was a band-aid color! It was boring and so un-attractive! I’m ok with a good taupe or cream color but this…. it just wasn’t doing anything for me! I knew I wanted to go with a grey for the whole house and make accents of white to help contrast it. Honestly I was looking for something much lighter than what we ended up with but got convinced by my husband and father in-law that the color we chose was the best option. I figured I would just choose lighter colors for smaller spaces, like the halls, bathroom, and office. Ummm, it didn’t work out quite the way I had envisioned and I’ll show you why. But first, the color we chose!

We ended up choosing Mega Greige for our whole house color. I knew when looking at grey I wanted it to lean toward a taupe/brown grey. I’m not a huge fan of cold blue hued grey. I fell that they often turn blue in certain lights and I didn’t want that. The Mega Greige in our house is not quite as brown as this sample color makes it seem. This color was honestly too dark for the whole house in my opinion and if I had to do it over again with what I know now I wouldn’t be swayed, I would pick something lighter. But that being said, this color is very pretty and with all of the white accent walls that we plan on installing it really will just make everything pop and I’ll eventually be very happy that this was what we chose. (Look for a giant shiplap wall coming to my living room soon!)

I chose coordinating colors by just choosing lighter version of the Mega Greige for the bathroom, hallways, and office. A choice that, again, I would change with what I know now! The color just under the Mega Greige is Anew Grey. I’ve actually seen a ton of other bloggers and decorators use this color and it turns out beautiful. This is the color I wanted to choose but was swayed to go darker. I painted this color in our office and honestly when you are in the room you can’t tell the difference between the Anew Grey and Mega Greige. I think it’s mostly because our office is on the darker side with less natural light.

And the color I chose for the powder bath and the small hallways was Agreeable Grey. This is another color that I have seen a lot of bloggers and decorators use. It is a very pretty subtle grey/taupe color. I really love this color but my problem in our home is that it turned a blueish hue. I’m thinking it has something to do with the band-aid color I painted over.

My biggest issue with choosing these coordinating colors is that there’s not enough contrast. They honestly all look too similar and blend into one. Not the look I was going for. I think that someday I’ll probably re-paint the office so it has more of a contrast.

Be sure to put up all samples next to each other and even in multiple rooms. Watch them throughout the day so you can see what they look like in different lights. I don’t suggest choosing colors within the same line. Find colors that will really contrast and compliment each other at the same time and don’t be afraid to go darker but just know that you might have to create accents to help contrast the color to make it pop.