Farmhouse Tables

In our last house we had a metal topped table from Restoration Hardware. I loved it! It was great for the kids because I didn’t worry at all if they scratched it or dinged it, it just added to it’s character. It was easy to clean and had the farmhouse look that I love, but wasn’t the typical wooden table. They don’t carry it anymore but I’ll show you anyway.

Sorry for the horrible quality photo. But that’s still a gorgeous farmhouse table right?! Anyways, unfortunately it wasn’t long enough for our new house. I needed a table a whopping 110 inches! Or close to that anyway to match the island. So while I grieved the loss of my pretty table I started the search for a new one. A disappointing search to be honest because tables just don’t come as long as I needed them to be. But here are some of the gorgeous tables I fell in love with and hope that maybe this will help you find what you are looking for too!

  1. South Mountain Farmhouse Extendable Dining Table
  2. Wydmire Dining Table
  3. Oshea Dining Table
  4. T.J. Dining Table
  5. Sephora Dining Table
  6. Siena Extendable Dining Table
  7. Shelton Dining Table
  8. Four Hands Castle Dining Table

Fortunately for me we found an amazing furniture store in Phoenix called Potato Barn. It’s a farmhouse style lovers dream come true!! We found a table that incorporates all of my loves! Metal, wood, large spindles…. it’s beautiful! Although it’s not as kid friendly as our old table I try not to freak out over spills and dings. It adds to the character right? Here it is… if you are local to Tucson or Phoenix you must visit this store!

I’ll post a picture of it in our kitchen in my Kitchen Reveal post coming soon! Check back to see all the details!