DIY Open Shelves

Something I knew I wanted in our kitchen was some open shelving. With the way our kitchen ended up laying out we had the perfect spot next to our sink area at the end of the counter. The question was- what kind of open shelving should we do? Should we buy or make some floating shelves? Or go the industrial route with some pipe end shelves? Or do we use some metal brackets? There are so many options!

We ultimately decided to go with the industrial look. I had wanted to find a spot for shelves like this in our previous home but never found the space so why not now? We looked at a few other tutorials and it seemed like an inexpensive and pretty easy DIY to try. We measured our wall space and determined the length we wanted our shelves to be. Then we headed to the good ole Home Depot for our supplies!

We purchased two boards of the 1in x 12in x 4ft pine boards. They were the perfect size for what we needed- no cutting necessary! Then we headed to the plumbing section to pick up our pipe pieces and ends. Our Home Depot actually had a small display set up with all of the parts we needed for this project. Obviously it’s a pretty popular DIY. For the pipes we chose 1/2in x 12in steel pipe that was threaded on both ends. We purchased four of these, two for each shelf. Then we picked up four of the 1/2in floor flange’s. After that we got four of the 1/2in iron caps for the ends. We also chose to get some brackets to help secure the wood to the pipes. If you aren’t going to be placing anything heavy on your shelves you could choose to forgo this part. I just didn’t want to worry about the shelves coming down somehow.

When we got home we put the pipe pieces together and dry fit everything to the boards and pre-drilled the holes for the brackets. This way we knew exactly where everything would need to go when we assembled.


I spray painted all of the metal pipe pieces with a flat black spray paint. And stained the boards with our custom weathered wood stain. I will be writing a post about this soon so stay tuned for that! It’s a perfect weathered barn wood look that perfectly matches our table in our kitchen!

After everything was dry it was a quick assembly since everything was already marked and drilled! We even put the drywall screws in before it had all been painted!

I could not wait to style these babies! I love the character that they add to our kitchen space and the added storage! I’ve actually already rearranged them several times since they’ve gone up! Now go and make some of your own! I promise you won’t be disappointed!